Double Cartwheel Tutorial - 2 Person Cartwheels (2011)

Double Cartwheel Tutorial - 2 Person Cartwheels HD
Double Cartwheel Tutorial - 2 Person Cartwheels
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Watch Trailer We had many requests for the 2 person cartwheel because so many people saw it in our Never Say Never Dance Video (Justin Bieber himself saw it!). You can watch that video here:

S here is the double cartwheel tutorial! Before doing double cartwheels, make sure to be comfortable doing single cartwheels and only do them on a soft surface. This is not for everyone as you most likely will wipe out....(we did!)

Both partners should be about the same weight and height. You will have to be able to support your partner - you can check by trying to pick them up. Both partners will also have to be able to do a cartwheel - in the same direction - with legs straight. If you need help doing cartwheels, check out this tutorial:

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You can also check out this video for strength and conditioning if you need to work on getting stronger to do gymnastics:

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Release Date:Aug 17, 2011
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